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Push it hard at the gym?  Get a little "sendy" doing what you love?  Treat yourself to a post-workout, post send recovery detox bath.  This bath is designed to help your body recover quicker, helping you get back to doing whatever it is that makes you move.  Contains an ideal blend of pink Himalayan salt, magnesium flakes, and minerals to aid the body’s natural detoxification system.  Infused with therapeutic grade essential oils of Eucalyptus, Juniper Berry and Lavender that will leave your body and mind feeling calm, clear, and reset.  This multi-step Bath Soak Kit promotes muscle relaxation, helps to restore the body's magnesium levels after a strenuous workout, can prevent inflammation, and significantly shortens your recovery time.  You worked for it, now it’s your time to FLEX.

What's Inside The Flex?

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Tub Tab - Totally neutralizes chlorine and chloramines from the bath water and increases mineral absorption.

The Salts - A healthy magnesium level is essential to keep the body working properly. Soaking in The Salts may help raise magnesium levels in the body, which can benefit everything from healthy brain function to a healthy heartbeat. Also contains minerals which can assist in drawing out toxins and heavy metals from the body, improve health, relieve stress, treat constipation, and assist with weight loss. Soaking in The Salts may also be helpful with reducing inflammation, improving circulation, relieving joint pain, and soothing skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

Apple Cider Vinegar - Contains powerful antimicrobial properties that have been found effective in treating infections caused by several common strains of bacteria, soothing skin irritation, and restoring the natural pH balance of the skin.  ACV is also a natural exfoliant that can relieve a variety of common skin ailments as well as urinary tract infections and body odor.

Recovery Vibe - Promotes detoxification.  Research suggests that it can be helpful in easing joint pain and soothing conditions associated with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.  May help to reduce pain and inflammation as well as be helpful to those experiencing back pain or those recovering from joint or muscle injury. Has a positive effect on the nervous system and contains properties that promote calming feelings and help to relax emotions.  Can also promote an easy and peaceful night’s sleep.   

Essentials - Contains oils that can help improve blood circulation and assist in the removal of toxins, like uric acid, from the body.  This can be helpful in fighting conditions such as rheumatism, arthritis, and gout.  Has also been proven effective in relieving muscle cramps, as well as intestinal and respiratory cramps. Rich in essential oils and flavonoids that function as potent antioxidants and may help reduce inflammation.  Acts as a natural skin toner and can reduce the appearance of skin blemishes. Possesses a calming and uplifting scent that can help to reduce feelings of stress, may improve sleep, relieve anxiety and depression, and calm the nervous system.

Electrolytes - Taking a detox bath can cause you to sweat, depleting the electrolyte levels in your body. Replenish your minerals and electrolytes and avoid dehydration by drinking plenty of fluids while detoxing. Hydration is a key part of any successful detox.

Natural Loofah - What is a loofah?  The loofah plant is a subtropical gourd and member of the cucumber family. It is dried, then sliced, and becomes an amazing way to scrub in the tub! The Natural Loofah is great for stimulating blood circulation, exfoliating, and softening the skin.  Rinse and let dry after use. 

Flex Ingredients

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Tub Tab - 100% Pharmaceutical Grade Vitamin C. Ascorbic acid, citric acid, sorbitol, sodium bicarbonate.

ACV - Certified Organic, Raw Apple Cider Vinegar and Purified Water, with the ‘Mother’. 

*The ‘Mother’ consists of strands of proteins, enzymes, and friendly bacteria used for its natural cleansing qualities. But, it may look like brown floaties in the water… don’t worry, it’s supposed to be there.

The Salts - 100% Magnesium Chloride Bath Flakes and 100% Pure Crystal Himalayan Bath Salt.

Vibe - 100% Aluminum Free Sodium Bicarbonate, Pure Citric Acid, Pure Olive Oil, 100% All-Natural Distilled Witch Hazel (containing natural grain Alcohol 14%), 100% Natural Eucalyptus globulus (Eucalyptus) Essential Oil, 100% Natural Origanum majorana (Marjoram) Essential Oil.

Essentials - 100% Pure Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot) Kernel Oil, 100% Natural Citrus bergamia (Bergamot) Essential Oil, 100% Natural Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender) Essential Oil, 100% Natural Juniperus communis (Juniper Berry) Essential Oil.

Best If Used After

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Getting too sendy, a Beyonce’-level spin class, yard sales, hill repeats, achieving flow state, first tracks, leg days, grand slams, long runs, breaking through plateaus, bluebird days, endzone celebrations, beasting it up, washing out, hitting PBs, powder days, a killer swole sesh, runners high, working the peaches, dawn patrol, bombing it, maxing out, endos, huck and prays, a run-in with Jerry, getting chippy, the perfect set, pre-workout crashes, casing it, and ggoooaaallllssss!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Stephanie Maddox
Love this product

I loved this kit. I felt so much better afterwards

Stacy Thrall
Best Bath EVER!

I am in love with this kit. It is very organized and the directions are super easy to follow. Meghan the owner has awesome customer service and responds super fast! I felt so relaxed after this bath. My only criticism is that it is so dang expensive, I will probably only be able to afford to buy one bath every few months.

Maureen Morris
Perfect reward after a workout!

After getting in a workout and flying through a chaotic day this was exactly what I needed to end the day! The steps to making the perfect bath were easy to follow and I loved having a little something to sip while I relaxed. I ended up ordering 3 more because I was so happy with how I felt afterwards and most importantly, how well I slept afterwards! I super recommend to anyone looking to reward themselves after a solid workout!

Bryn McEwan
Magic in a Bag

My sister gifted me this kit for my birthday and I am obsessed!! I had the worst shoulder and neck pain for 2 days. I couldn’t seem to get rid of it. Massaged it, took Tylenol, soaked in a normal plain hot bath. Nothing worked. I slept like crap for two nights because I couldn’t get comfortable. And being a mom of two that takes it’s toll on you. 😂. A 30 minute soak with the flex detox bath and I finally got an amazing night sleep and woke up with hardly any shoulder or neck pain! I am beyond obsessed! I’m going to stock up and gift this to all my friends and family! Genius idea!! ❤️

Emily Carlson

Best salt soak ever! I slept like the dead and woke refreshed and nothing hurt!

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