Our Mission

At Salty Tub Co, our mission is to encourage the world to slow down, unplug, and enjoy some self-care.  We believe that self-care is essential for living a happy + healthy life. That’s why we carefully curated a unique soaking process that assists the body’s natural detoxification system + and helps calm the mind from the stresses of daily life.  


Our goal is not only to provide a spa-like tubbing experience but also to educate our customers on the importance of putting the devices down and taking some “me-time”.  We are committed to helping our customers gain an understanding of the many health benefits, physical and mental, a Salty Tub has to offer… one soak at a time.

About the Founders

Our Story

Meghan Pierce, a mother of five and the founder of Salty Tub Co, has always cherished her baths as a form of relaxation. She would eagerly await bedtime to unwind in her tub, finding solace in the quiet moments to reflect on her day. One evening, while scrolling through her phone, she stumbled upon a post by Terah Jones, detailing the detox baths she was giving her daughter, Indy, who was undergoing cancer treatment. Intrigued, Meghan decided to experiment with detox baths herself, using her husband, Marcus, as a willing test subject. Through research and experimentation, they developed various bath combinations, eventually launching The Mama Detox in 2020 from their basement.

From the beginning, Meghan understood that Salty Tub Co had a broader purpose beyond just selling bath products. Inspired by the cancer families she followed online, she aimed to establish a company ethos centered on giving back and supporting others during challenging times. A year after Salty Tub's launch, Meghan partnered with Terah Jones, the founder of Indy's Ohana foundation, to host a fundraiser. Thanks to the generosity of their affiliates and followers, Salty Tub raised over $10,000 for Indy's Ohana, specifically assisting cancer families. They continue this tradition of annual fundraisers with Indy's Ohana, dedicated to helping these families create treasured memories at the beach. At Salty Tub Co, they believe in the healing power of warm bath soaks, all-natural ingredients, beaches, and serving others.

Our Products

At Salty Tub Co, we prioritize self-care as integral to both mental and physical well-being. That's why all our products are crafted with meticulous care, using ethically sourced, non-toxic, all-natural ingredients. Handmade with love in Utah, USA, we transparently list every ingredient used, ensuring you know precisely what you're soaking in as you unwind. #soakitout