What's Inside The Grom Soak?


Tub Tab - Totally neutralizes chlorine and chloramines from the bath water and increases mineral absorption.

The Salts - A healthy magnesium level is essential to keep the body working properly. Soaking in The Salts may help raise magnesium levels in the body, which can benefit everything from healthy brain function to a healthy heartbeat. Also contains minerals which can assist in drawing out toxins and heavy metals from the body, improve health, relieve stress, treat constipation, and assist with weight loss. Soaking in The Salts may also be helpful with reducing inflammation, improving circulation, relieving joint pain, and soothing skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

Apple Cider Vinegar - Contains powerful antimicrobial properties that have been found effective in treating infections caused by several common strains of bacteria, soothing skin irritation, and restoring the natural pH balance of the skin.  ACV is also a natural exfoliant that can relieve a variety of common skin ailments as well as urinary tract infections and body odor.

Happy Vibe - Promotes detoxification.  May be beneficial for an array of different skin ailments (dry itchy skin, diaper rash, eczema, etc.), helps to balance pH levels, dissipate odors, cleanse the skin, and decrease bacteria.  Can also help relieve constipation and promote a more restful sleep.  Possesses an uplifting scent that can help ease irritability and anxiety, boost energy, and eliminate germs.  Also contains antioxidant properties to help relieve stress on the immune system, ease respiratory issues like coughs, and can help to remove toxins from the body. 

The Essentials - Contains natural antibacterial, anti-fungal, and moisturizing properties.  Composed primarily of nourishing fatty acids, Vitamin E and healthy fats which help to smooth the skin.  Nourishes hair strands and reduces breakage to protect against hair damage.  Can prevent and heal acne breakouts, soothe eczema and dry skin, help to speed up the wound healing process, and promote relaxation that leads to a restful nights sleep.

Natural Loofah: Exfoliates & softens skin.

Squishy: A new tub time friend.