Why a Bath Soak Post-Workout?

Researchers studying marathon runners found magnesium to be the most highly depleted electrolyte in athletes.  

With a lack of magnesium, our muscles would remain in a permanent state of contraction, which is why magnesium is a particularly important consideration to athletes and the fitness community.  The combined factors of stresses placed upon the muscles and the natural loss of electrolytes during exercise means that the replenishment of magnesium for muscles and their recovery is crucial.

Beyond the matter of muscle function, magnesium is a powerful anti-inflammatory mineral offering protection against illnesses such as arthritis.

An option which is gaining strong popularity in the sporting and fitness community is to replenish magnesium using topical products.  Transdermal products such as bath salts allow magnesium to be absorbed instantly through the skin for immediate assimilation by the muscles.  This is an excellent choice, particularly for those without an existing long-term magnesium deficiency, who wish solely to aid muscle recovery after intensive sports and exercise. 

Bathing in magnesium flakes supports muscles recovery on two levels, efficiently utilizing the dual benefits of immersive heat therapy and the replenishment of depleted magnesium stores from exercise-induced electrolyte loss.

- Taken from an article written by Mike Walden, CEO of Sports Injury Clinic and a Sports Injury Therapist