Need to relax?

Take a BATH!!

Bathing has been used for centuries not only for getting clean, but for leisure.  These days the majority of people shower to get clean and never utilize the power of a hot bath to help improve mental health!  Did you know taking a bath can actually steer chemical changes in the brain?

Here are 5 ways taking a bath is good for your mind:

- They help to relax anxious muscles!  Feeling stressed + anxious?  You're likely unknowingly stiffening and clenching your muscles.  Taking a nice warm bath relaxes anxiety-induced muscle tension, helping relax your body and in turn, your mind.

- A bath can help settle the mind!  Our proprietary blend of essential oils added to a warm bath are a great way to settle the mind, especially when it's particularly cloudy and anxious. A bath is also a great aid for insomnia so you can get a great night's sleep!

- They offer you some time for yourself!  While it might be tempting to bring your electronic devices into the bathroom with you, a bath is the best time to give yourself a break from the constant communication and intrusiveness of your devices. 

- A bath can decrease your anxiety!  A warm, relaxing bath minimizes your sympathetic response, meaning that your fight or flight is much less triggered while you soak.  This increases feelings of relaxation and encourages your yo think more reasonably about problems that are causing bouts of anxiety + stress. 

- A bath will allow you to completely relax your mind!  If you've tried meditation before, you likely know the struggle of dealing with distractions of your surroundings. (Even when you think you're in a super quite room) Try meditating in the bath!  With your mind already relaxed in a completely distraction-free environment your will be able to be 100% fully present.