Meet the Baths: FLEX

We've all been there before.  Finally got back to working out and started with way too much weight... now you can't roll out of bed.  Got too hyper with friends last night and decided to try that roundoff back handspring you did all the time in high school... there's some pulled muscles.  Hit the bleachers this morning and did some amazing cardio... but now you're feeling fatigued.  Went skiing with the guys and thought "that drop isn't that big!"... there goes your back!

Enter- FLEX.  Your post-workout, post-send recovery kit!

The FLEX comes with over 1 POUND of Magnesium Flakes & Pink Himalayan Salt to help naturally replenish magnesium lost during your workout, relax muscles, and reduce spasms and cramping.

Each Detox Bath Kit also includes a proprietary blend of ALL NATURAL essential oils that can help to calm the nervous system, relieve sore achy muscles, help to prevent knots & tension, and soothe your body and mind.  Plus, it smells SO GOOD!

Don't forget about the electrolytes included in each Kit to rehydrate & replenish electrolytes lost during exercise.

So, next time you're feeling that last workout (like all over your whole body) sink into a nice warm bath and your Bath Soak Kit.  You worked hard, now it's your time to FLEX.