Meet the Baths: Crimson Wave

Feel like you need a 4 hour nap?  That cereal commercial making you a little teary eyed? Mac n' Cheese with a side of chocolate sounding delicious? Pants fitting a little tight? Everyone around your being EXTRA annoying today?  Uh oh... you know what's coming.  Mother Nature is one her way.

Enter- Crimson Wave!

Designed specifically to help curb symptoms of PMS and ease painful menstrual cramps and migraines.  Each Bath Kit includes the following:

- Magnesium Flakes for an extra magnesium boost!  Magnesium works to calm the physical symptoms of PMS by relaxing the smooth muscles of the uterus and relaxing prostaglandins that cause period pain.

- The Vibe is infused with Rose and Lavender essential oils.  Rose oil to help reduce inflammation, ease cramping, and soothe menstrual migraines.  Lavender is a natural muscle relaxant and can help with sleep, anxiety, and even acne.

- The Essentials include Clove & Cinnamon essential oils.  Clove has proven super effective at alleviating menstrual pain.  It has even been shown to shorten the duration of periods for some people.  Cinnamon has been used for centuries in alternative medicine treatments, and is known to reduce inflammation in the body.  And, it smells like Christmas!

On top of all those potential benefits, what sounds better during "that time of the month" than sitting in a warm quiet bath? Alone.  Away from everyone. In peace & quiet. By yourself.  We can't think of anything much better than that.

Sounds good to you too?  Send the link to the Crimson Wave to your mom, husband, boyfriend, friend and drop a hint...

*HINT*  Buy this for me and then take care of all my responsibilities while I enjoy it!