I didn't really 'get' baths...

"I didn't really 'get' baths until I became a working adult, and then a mom, and the change to sit undisturbed in a tub of water went from sounding like a waste of my time to absolute bliss.  Things got even better when I realized that I could multitask by actively supporting my health while I relaxed.

Detox baths go beyond just soothing and boosting our well-being by strengthening our immune system and preventing disease.

Our bodies are subject to more toxins than ever in our food, body products, water and air.  The truth is, toxins are unavoidable, but it becomes an issue when they are left unchecked, opening us up to irritation, harm and destruction in the body.  Thankfully, a detox bath is an easy and gentle healing therapy we can do to support our body's natural detoxification system."

- Hannah Zahner via @camillestyles