Every Bath Kit 40% Through April!

All our Bath Kits are 40% OFF for the entire month of April!! Just $27!

We set the introductory price as low as we possibly could because we want EVERYONE to give them a try!

Our Bath Kits also make amazing gifts!!

- Mother's Day is right around the corner, so give your Mama (or wife) a little bit of "me time" with a relaxing Mama Detox.

- Wedding season is here!  How about His & Hers Bath Kits, or maybe just a Bath Kit for two... you know they'll love that!

- Weather is starting to warm up! Do you know someone who is about to over do it running outside?  Grab them a FLEX and minimize the amount of sore muscle complaining you'll be stuck listening to!

- The days are getting longer and bedtime's are inevitably getting harder... grab a Grom Soak with Lavender to help calm that little mind (and body) of your Grom and set them up for a better night's sleep!

- Lawn mowing season is here! Show the man in your life that you appreciate all the hard work he does in the yard with a Man Bath!

We don't anticipate even offering the Bath Kits at this low price again, so if you've been eyeing one NOW is the time to grab one!