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What's in my Detox Kit?

So. Much. Stuff! We wanted to put together a REAL DETOX KIT, not just your typical "sprinkle in desired amount" bath soaks.  So we went BIG!!

1 Kit = 1 Bath

  • Superieur Electrolyte Sleeve: To keep you hydrated while you detox.
  • Tub Tab: Totally neutralizes the chlorine & chloramines typically added to drinking water.  100% Organic.
  • The Salts:  Over 1 POUND of Magnesium Flakes & Pink Himalayan salts in each Bath Kit.  (Over a half pound of salts in the Grom Soak)
  • ACV: Apple Cider Vinegar for natural skin exfoliation.  Also helps relieve skin irritations, and can restore the natural pH balance of your skin.
  • Essentials:  A proprietary blend of essential oils to help improve various ailments, elevate mood, calm the mind, and smell AMAZING!
  • Vibe:  Contains cleansing and detoxifying properties to assist your body's natural detoxification system and boost immunity.
  • Natural Loofah:  To exfoliate and massage the essential oils into the skin.
  • Digital Detox:  NO DIGITAL DEVICES ALLOWED!  It's amazing how refreshed your mind will feel after even just an hour break from technology.  

Plan ahead and give yourself about an hour to complete your Detox Bath Soak.  We also recommend using your soak just before bed to help relax you for a great night's sleep!